We've been bringing predictability to application development since 2005.

Frontside serves as a platform for technology leaders with a shared philosophy on software quality to come together and enable the next generation of engineering teams.

Thanks to our extensive experience working with large-scale projects, we can leverage your team to embrace modern tooling and technologies. Get ready to deliver outstanding experiences to your users consistently, while enabling cross-teams collaboration in your organization as you have not seen before.

Each of our technical leaders has10-20 years of experiencein frontend engineering.

Our approach to frontend isFramework AgnosticWe find the right fit for each case.

The quality of our work createsLong-lasting softwareWith clients still using and mantaining our code after half a decade.

Our solutions are technically outstanding andBusiness OrientedIn order to maximize the value of software in time.

Our Principles

Automated Visibility

We make it easy for teams to collaborate by automating the delivery process, including real-time demos of your projects as your team makes progress. You get fast feedback, and the team can focus on delivering exactly what’s needed.

Flexible Architecture

Stay ready and responsive to changing business or technology requirements. We help you plan a resilient architecture for your software and prepare your team so they can nimbly experiment with new features and technologies.

Long-Lasting Software

Using leading-edge technologies doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. We spend the first portion of each project helping establish patterns and tools for building software that’s easy to maintain for years, even decades.

Constant Learning/Teaching

We are constantly learning the new developments on our ecosystem and pushing them forward. We also share all the knowledge we can with our clients and community.

Our team

  • Charles Lowell

    Charles has been delivering bullet-proof software for over 18 years. An avid contributor to open source, he founded the Frontside in 2005 to help businesses deliver game-changing user interfaces to their customers.

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  • Jeffrey Cherewaty

    Jeffrey is a seasoned designer/developer who likes creating thoughtfully designed apps in the browser. At Frontside, Jeffrey prides himself on shipping beautiful, livable code that solves real business problems.

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  • Taras Mankovski

    Taras is equal part developer, mentor and business person. Since starting to work in the web industry 12 years ago, he helped many developers start and grow careers as frontend engineers

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  • Jorge Lainfiesta

    Jorge designs, writes code, and does communication work.

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  • Robbie Pitts

    Robbie has been developing for the web since he was 12. He enjoys solving hard coding problems and is always looking for ways to improve developer ergonomics and efficiency.

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Open Source

Frontside is a small studio but brings big results by working alongside the open source community. We help you leverage the benefits of open source in your organization, letting you use better tools with less in-house maintenance.

Case studyFacilitating the next generation of Bluetooth-connected apps

Developing UIs for connected devices can be challenging. We devised a solution based on simulation, and partnered up with Open Source contributors to bring our client and the community a library built by the best team possible.

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