We've been improving engineering orgs since 2005

We are a purposefully small group of engineers who want to create scale-ready tools.

“Everyone at Frontside has a great attitude of can do and we will solve this. Their work ethic is strong, coupled with the desire to be a great partner.”

— Brian Beale, Director of Software Engineering at Resideo

  • We build
    long-lasting software

    High-quality applications should not require re-writing every few months or years. We design future-forward software system with predictable long-term maintenance.

  • We plan
    for evolution

    The best version of your software always exists in the future. We provide robust architectures and tools that enable your team to experiment and pivot quickly.

  • We favor
    delivering consistently

    Not delivering features fast enough can have costly consequences. We equip your teams with the tools and know-how to minimize regressions and shorten feedback loops.

  • We care
    about developer experience

    The right tools get more done swiftly and effortlessly. We reduce bottlenecks and untangle technical complexities by automating deployments and other repetitive tasks.

  • We lead
    with insight

    The most substantial challenges in software design are not at the codebase level. We develop deep relationships with our clients to help them improve their velocity across the organization.

  • We work
    with OSS contributors

    Our long-standing relationships with top performing experts from the Open Source community allows us to bring you elite level talent who can address short term needs and identify issues on the horizon.

Meet the team

We bring together people from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

  • Charles Lowell

    Founder / Head of Research & Development

    Austin, Texas — Helsinki, Finland

    More than 25 years ago, Charles torched a promising career in biochemistry and joined the dot-com revolution. After coding daily on systems big and small, he founded Frontside in 2005 based on the belief that good software development patterns are universal. Charles currently researches testing platforms and structured concurrency to power up every developer’s daily coding life.

  • Elrick Ryan


    Boston, Massachusetts

    Elrick has a distinguished track record of over a decade of leading and executing high-impact projects for Fortune 100 corporations and disruptive startups. His inventive leadership, rich multi-hyphenated profile of experience and skills, and unique approach enables us to consistently deliver unparalleled experiences and value to our clients.

  • Taras Mankovski


    Toronto, Canada

    Taras began his journey into the realm of digital technology when in early 2000s his first clients started asking him to build websites. He quickly realized that rather than go it alone how much more satisfying it was to bring together cross disciplinary teams to work collaboratively towards common goals. At Frontside, Taras creates and nourishes relationships among his team, clients and partners to achieve ambitious long-term objectives.

  • Paul Cowan

    Engineering Consultant

    Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

    In his more than 20 years of experience, Paul has done it all, from leading the entire frontend division of a key public institution to working on one of the most famous worldwide yacht races. Indeed, large British banks also carry Paul's work in their codebases. Not only is he an elite developer, but he also shines in Competitive Boxing and MMA. At Frontside, Paul specializes in building tools and automation that power up developers.

  • Min Kim

    Engineering Consultant / Google Cloud Architect

    Toronto, Canada

    Min's career as a professional cellist took a turn when a friend introduced him to programming. He now specializes in creating developer tools and CI/CD pipelines, and is Frontside's resident certified Google Cloud Architect.

  • Jacob Bolda

    Engineering Consultant

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    After designing skylights and touring the US and Europe through structural engineering, Jacob started transitioning to software engineering over the past decade. At Frontside, he combines the rigor he used to make buildings stand up with in-depth technical knowledge to ensure your development tools and apps will run smoothly.