Own your Backstage implementation without forking out

We help enterprise teams get the most out of Backstage for the long-run

Master your ecosystem with Backstage

Your combination of tech stack, services, and people is unique to your organization. But you don't have to compromise your needs to fit them into what Backstage supports today. As an active contributor to Backstage, Frontside can help you cover all your use-cases—even those not yet in platform—without moving away from OSS.

De-risk your Backstage adoption

Avoid getting locked out of future Backstage upgrades with uninformed early choices in your Backstage adoption. Frontside understands Backstage's current alpha software limitations and can help you set up the platform so you can get what you need now and keep getting value in the long term.

Integrate Backstage in your DX

Setting up Backstage's Catalog unleashes its power, but it's only the beginning of the journey. Once developers familiarize themselves with Backstage’s affordances, they'll uncover new opportunities for growth and optimization. Frontside helps your teams integrate more tools into Backstage and streamline their workflow to take advantage of their new self-service capabilities.

Case study

Boosting Resideo's Developers Experience with Backstage

Frontside helped Resideo set up and customize Backstage to enable org-wide service discoverability, standardize access to documentation across teams and languages, and kick-start ship-ready projects.

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