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Case study

Boosting Resideo's Developers Experience with Backstage

Resideo is a global leader in smart home products and systems. With headquarters in Austin, Texas but teams distributed across the world, visibility and technical cohesiveness is a system-wide challenge. Frontside helped Resideo set up and customize Backstage to enable org-wide service discoverability, standardize access to documentation across teams and languages, and kick-start ship-ready projects.

All services and releases at sight

Resideo has several dozen Cloud services and uses a Blue-Green strategy for new releases. Leveraging the Backstage Catalog, Frontside empowered everyone in the engineering organization to experience a uniform way of viewing these services and accessing their repositories, documentation, and the people behind them.

Frontside also introduced a Blue-Green indicator into Resideo's Catalog so anyone could immediately know the release status, effectively eliminating the uncertainty teams often experienced about the deployment state of their services.

Screenshot highlighting a green and blue indicators a Backstage

New projects with miles of a headstart

As Resideo continues to grow, new services need to be developed, tested, and deployed regularly. Frontside showed how they could build effective templates web UI, infrastructure, and data modeling that could quickly spin up a full-stack project and provide a helpful starting point—without falling into rigid patterns or premature optimizations. Thanks to Backstage Scaffolding, Frontside is helping Resideo teams begin projects with a ready-to-ship foundation to minimize time-to-market and reduce fragmentation in the engineering organization.

Screenshot of Backstage Scaffolding feature in Resideo

A unified reference for documentation

Like Cloud native organizations, Resideo allows teams to choose their toolset and therefore documentation practices, with styles ranging from auto-generated JavaDoc APIs to handwritten markdown-based guides. Frontside helped Resideo implement Backstage’s TechDocs so everyone had a uniform method for accessing each project’s documentation. Additionally, Frontside introduced a CLI-based command to allow developers to access the documentation of any Resideo service without leaving their work environment.

Discover, use, create

Backstage enables organizations to discover new possibilities through its Catalog, but that's only the first step. Resideo continues to partner with Frontside to help their engineers understand how to go beyond Backstage’s available services and use its resources to create new apps and features and improve their services, code, and infrastructure.

Frontside is your go-to partner for adopting Backstage on your terms and making the most out of it—without worrying about utilizing alpha software or forking out of the OSS community.