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universal testing platform using GraphQL

Ensure your app works perfectly across browsers without traces of Selenium, Playwright or earlier tools.

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Bigtest is the testing framework I've always wanted to have. It takes all we've learned about testing and wraps it up in a coherent and powerful package.

— Jonas Nicklas, Creator of Capybara, co-creator of Bigtest

Test across browsers effortlessly

We love Cypress, but its design is limited to only ensuring your app works in desktop Blink (Chrome, Edge) and Gecko (Firefox, Brave) browsers; and while Selenium allows testing cross browsers, it can rapidly become slow and unreliable. Thanks to Bigtest's brand new distributed agent architecture, it brings you the ease of use of Cypress combined with the power of Selenium.

Easier testing starts with helpful error messages

Developers spend more than 30% of their time debugging errors, and failed tests are no exception. Bigtest's brand new architecture provides you with insightful error messages, sparing you the never-ending logs.

A unified testing platform

Today’s web UI testing harnesses are a cobbled together jumble of independent test runners (i.e. karma, mocha), assertion libraries (i.e. chai, assertjs, expect) and runtime environment (i.e. nightmare, puppeteer, electron) that cannot be easily coordinated into a uniform testing experience. Bigtest was designed from the ground up as a single, comprehensive testing platform, where every piece is optimized for the rest.

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Why try Bigtest?

We partnered with the creators of existing testing solutions to envision how a modern testing platform would look like. After several years of development and many iterations and re-writes, we created at the current Bigtest architecture that enables us to run reliable tests fast.

Philosophy: test more with less effort

Bigtest wants to enable you to develop big tests easily and affordably. What do we mean by “big tests”? The term is a reference to Google's test size categorization: a unit test is a small test because it doesn't exercise a lot of the app's code, while an end-to-end test is big because it touches on most of the app's stack. But tests that are big are expensive to create and difficult to ensure reliability. Bigtest enables you to efficiently write big tests you can count on with comprehensive and extensible APIs.

In today's testing ecosystem, there's plenty of tools for smaller tests. But the amount of tools available keeps shrinking when you go up in the test size scale, leaving Selenium reigning at the top for web UI big testing. Bigtest retains the power of Selenium but re-imagining the architecture of a test suite, unlocking new possibilities for developer experience with a data-driven approach over GraphQL.