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We have created a powerful visual inspector for Effection. The inspector can show you which tasks are currently running. You can click on a task to focus in on it, see which tasks completed or failed and more.

The Visual Inspector

Using the node inspector

Install the @effection/inspect package:

npm install @effection/inspect --save-dev

You will need to import this package, and there are two main options that we recommend for doing so.

The first option is to import it from the entry point of your application (for example src/index.js or similar):

import '@effection/inspect'

The second option is to run your node command with -r @effection/inspect:

node -r @effection/inspect src/index.js

Once your application starts, you should see Effection print a message like this:

[effection] inspector available on http://localhost:34556

Open the URL in a browser and you should see the visual inspector.

Improving the output

To clarify the output produced by the inspector it can be very helpful to add labels to your tasks.