Type systems with ReasonML London organizer Marcel Cutts and Shane Wilson

Hosted byCharles Lowell

July 9th, 2020.

"Java has done an excellent job at ruining types for everyone for quite a while—explains Marcel after describing the tech pub scene in London—but it's important to know there's more than one kind of type system." Along with Shane, they outline what's exciting about ReasonML and their experience with new languages and tools around types.



00:38 - Reason

03:25 - BuckleScript

06:01 - Reason + BuckleScript

16:07 - Reason: Interoperation & Adoption

30:00 - Operating at the Compiler Level vs the Run-Time Level

  • ppx (pre-processor extension)

34:29 - Last thoughts on, and why use Reason?

44:43 - repkgs


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