We bring deep expertise in engineering to realize your teams' full potential.

We help organizations architect and implement long lasting platforms at scale. Our leadership will provide you with a robust toolkit and optimized workflow so your teams can deliver features with confidence.

Development Parallelization

Maximize your teams' velocity by enabling them to work in parallel. We specialize in keeping your teams unblocked from each other through contract management, simulation, and automated visibility.

Inter-team Collaboration

We help your teams across cities—or continents—and departments to collaborate as they co-develop business value in your applications. Through custom-tailored tools and processes around your codebase, we allow you to keep real track of expectations and progress across Engineering, Product, UX, and Leadership.

Architecture for new technologies

Do not compromise in quality or software durability when choosing cutting-edge technologies. We help you architect your software to minimize risk and empower your team for experimentation.

Elite Staffing

We help you identify which parts of your software are best suited to be built by specialized engineers in intricate fields. We facilitate collaboration with the best engineers from around the world for the tasks you need.

Development Experience

We help you make sure your engineers stay motivated and productive by perfecting their tools and processes. A great developer experience will help you retain talented engineers, onboard new hires and contractors, and get more results faster.

The Frontside way

We make your projects predictable with tried‑and‑true processes.

Framework agnostic approach

Every framework has its best use cases and its limitations. With deep experience in frameworks such as Ember, Angular, React, and Vue, we can help you identify the right solution for your organization’s specific goals.

Automated Testing

Every project begins with a comprehensive test plan so we can automate the testing process. This greatly reduces the load on QA and eliminates feedback cycles between them and your development team. It’s common for our clients to see a 4x increase in the number of releases that they can do in a month.

Automated deployment

Because everything is run through test suites and bugs are caught before they exist, you’ll be able to write, integrate, and deploy software continuously. That means no more resource-intensive release events. We’ll help you implement this system across your department so you can release safely and efficiently throughout all future projects.

Zero regressions—really

Sure, it sounds radical. But we’ve been able to do it again and again. Our process helps you deploy products that are bug‑free, guaranteed.

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