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  • Renaming `main` with purpose

    Robbie PittsDecember 11, 2020

    As generic default branch names like `master` for Git repos have gone out of fashion, possibilities emerge for more effective and informative naming conventions. Learn about the branch naming strategy Frontside uses for our Open Source libraries and how we name app project branches.

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  • Beyond Mocking: Decoupling teams through Simulation

    Charles Lowell and Jorge LainfiestaJuly 29, 2020

    Decoupling front-end and mobile teams from the back-end makes organizations more effective. In this article we explain why using simulation is an ideal strategy for this purpose, and present important considerations for adopting such practices.

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  • 7 reasons to write good Pull Request descriptions

    Taras MankovskiApril 15, 2020

    A good Pull Request description can lead to better reviews, improved solutions, better documentation, and more. In this article, Taras surveys seven big wins of PR descriptions. 

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