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Frontside helps organizations synchronize their development efforts to effectively collaborate in addressing the needs of all stakeholders

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build apps

We systematize the process of delivering features

We anticipate your future with flexible architectures

We solve your most difficult technical challenges

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A community of people building  developer portals

Open Mic a monthly get together of Backstage users sharing their experiences and helping each other

Get insights from maintainers, addon authors, and teams who use Backstage in production

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Consulting for teams in expansion

Secure the success of your upcoming business initiatives with a sound infrastructure

We deep-dive to implement an architecture and development workflow so your teams can collaborate and deliver value consistently as your firm expands.

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“Frontside has an unwavering commitment to developer experience and quality. They make sure everything we do is repeatable and scalable.

— Brian Beale, Director of Software Engineering at Resideo

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Tools that help developers to achieve more with less work

Enhance your development workflow adopting our Open Source libraries

We’re creating an end-to-end testing framework that benefits from a novel test-as-data architecture to covering your app with less effort. Similarly, we maintain an algebraic effects library that provides developers with the benefits of functional programming without the mental overhead.

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