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  • The Triple Threat to Testing — Part 2: Reliability

    Robbie Pitts, Taras Mankovski, Jeffrey Cherewaty, Charles Lowell, Jorge LainfiestaApril 30, 2020

    Flakiness: one of the biggest pain-points of any test suite. From app complexity to incident management, we explore some of the most common causes of unreliable tests.

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  • 7 reasons to write good Pull Request descriptions

    Taras MankovskiApril 15, 2020

    A good Pull Request description can lead to better reviews, improved solutions, better documentation, and more. In this article, Taras surveys seven big wins of PR descriptions. 

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  • The Triple Threat to Testing — Part 1: Speed

    Charles Lowell, Robbie Pitts, Taras Mankovski, Jeffrey Cherewaty, Jorge LainfiestaApril 06, 2020

    Speed, reliability, and relevance constitute the mains pillars of a robust testing strategy. The faster a test suite can diagnose an issue in its application, the more value it renders. In this article, we navigate through the most significant causes of slow tests and suggest ideas to deal with them.

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  • Case study — Facilitating the next generation of Bluetooth-connected apps

    Taras MankovskiDecember 11, 2019

    More and more teams are using Bluetooth for innovative products, but developing UIs for connected devices can be challenging: limited physical devices slow down development and make it nearly impossible to keep up a strong test suite. Our solution is simulation and Open Source power.  

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  • Build a Family Tree maker using React Hooks and Microstates

    Taras MankovskiNovember 06, 2018

    If you use React, you probably know about the React Hooks RFC that was introduced at ReactConf. It’s an exciting proposal because it promises to bring the power of class components to function components. It also a convention for creating React extensions that feel like first-class APIs in the React ecosystem. React Hooks API and Microstates bring expressiveness of React function components to a whole new level. 

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  • Four reasons to use append() instead of Object.assign() and Object spread

    Charles LowellSeptember 18, 2018

    Object.assign is just a special case of a universal concept in functional programming. By opting to use a universal function to back this universal concept, you can inherit all kinds of awesome for free.

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  • Kubernetes for the Kubernewbie - The Journey

    Elrick RyanAugust 09, 2018

    Learning Kubernetes, especially with no background in Ops, is challenging but full of reward. This will take you along the journey of our k8s enlightenment and deployment

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  • JSConf 2018 Recap

    Robert DeLucaAugust 05, 2018

    JSConfUS is back after a three-year hiatus and Robert had the chance to attend. He covers his favorite talks he saw while there!

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