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  • MirageJS: Choosing the right Serializer

    Min Kim and Jorge LainfiestaAugust 31, 2020

    MirageJS ships with four out-of-the-box serializers. In this blog post, we overview the basics of serializers in Mirage, and examine in detail the specific format of each JSON API, Active Model, Rest and generic serializers.

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  • Beyond Mocking: Decoupling teams through Simulation

    Charles Lowell and Jorge LainfiestaJuly 29, 2020

    Decoupling front-end and mobile teams from the back-end makes organizations more effective. In this article we explain why using simulation is an ideal strategy for this purpose, and present important considerations for adopting such practices.

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  • Case study — Facilitating the next generation of Bluetooth-connected apps

    Taras MankovskiDecember 11, 2019

    More and more teams are using Bluetooth for innovative products, but developing UIs for connected devices can be challenging: limited physical devices slow down development and make it nearly impossible to keep up a strong test suite. Our solution is simulation and Open Source power.  

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