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  • Interactors: the design systems testing ally

    Charles Lowell and Jeffrey CherewatyAugust 04, 2021

    Components from a design system make building UIs easy. It should be just as easy to test them. Interactors enable more robust tests for component-based UIs, and improve component libraries' maintainability.

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  • There and Back Again: Testing and Stack Upgrades

    Taras MankovskiFebruary 18, 2021

    Upgrading your application stack to new major versions can be terrifying, especially when you have a massive application with 75 developers working on features non-stop. However, a good testing strategy gives you confidence to make bold moves that take your organization to heretofore unexplored lands.

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  • The Lesson of BigTest Interactors: never write a flaky test again!

    Jonas NiklasJuly 16, 2020

    To prevent flaky tests, BigTest introduces the Interactor API, designed around the lessons learned in Capybara. This article introduces the benefits of Interactors in BigTest and how to use them to write reliable tests. 

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  • The Triple Threat to Testing — Part 2: Reliability

    Charles Lowell, Jeffrey Cherewaty, Jorge Lainfiesta, Robbie Pitts, Taras MankovskiApril 30, 2020

    Flakiness: one of the biggest pain-points of any test suite. From app complexity to incident management, we explore some of the most common causes of unreliable tests.

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  • The Triple Threat to Testing — Part 1: Speed

    Charles Lowell, Jeffrey Cherewaty, Jorge Lainfiesta, Robbie Pitts, Taras MankovskiApril 06, 2020

    Speed, reliability, and relevance constitute the mains pillars of a robust testing strategy. The faster a test suite can diagnose an issue in its application, the more value it renders. In this article, we navigate through the most significant causes of slow tests and suggest ideas to deal with them.

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  • Big Testing in React

    Wil WilsmanJune 13, 2018

    When we write and develop our applications, it's with the intent that somebody will use it. We write tests so we can be assured that everything in our app works as expected and is bug free. But how confident are you in your tests?

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